Your Pharmacy. Your Partner. How to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship

In today’s skilled and residential care environments, managing medications can be complex, confusing, and challenging. And as acuity rises, partnerships become more critical—critical to serving residents…critical to running your operation smoothly…and critical to setting the stage for your staff members to thrive in their roles. This has never been truer than when speaking about your choice of pharmacy.

When you have a reliable and highly communicative partnership with your pharmacy—and when they are vested in what you are doing and who you are doing it for—the benefits to all can be immeasurable.

So how can you achieve this nirvana of sorts? After considering cost and accuracy, determine who will satisfy the requirements that are unique to you. This can only be achieved through self awareness, open communication, and mutual understanding. It will involve details like:

  • Knowing your computer system
  • Identifying your service needs
  • Specifying the response you can count on in an emergency
  • Other details specific to your operation 

You want to know that your pharmacy partner will do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

And a good partnership doesn’t end once those boxes are checked. It evolves, grows, and strengthens over time as you learn more about each other—building on the existing knowledge and discovering significant nuances that make your relationship even better.

It’s imperative to have a true and dynamic partnership with your pharmacy. When your partner is an active participant in your vision of serving your residents’ best interests—willing to meet your needs where they are at any given time—then you’ve got a relationship that can make all the difference in achieving operational and clinical success.

For a detailed list of factors to consider in choosing a new partnership or building the one you currently have, download our tip sheet: How you can get the most out of your pharmacy partnership.