How Medications Are Handled in a Licensed Nursing Facility

A special pharmacy delivering specialized care.

Welcome to Forum. We’re a different kind of pharmacy—one that focuses solely on caring for those living in, or staying in, nursing facilities and other long-term care (LTC) settings.

Much like in a hospital, we follow strict government rules and regulations to deliver medications specially prepared for nursing use. Intravenous and injectable medications are aseptically prepared under rigorous standards.

We have a dedicated staff of detail-oriented pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy technicians, medical records and IT specialists, and billing and reimbursement experts who are committed to caring for the well-being and special needs of those in licensed nursing facilities.

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Relax — we’ve got you covered.

  • We work with nursing staff and physicians to coordinate your meds, including OTCs, vitamins, and supplements

  • We conduct regular, comprehensive screenings of all medications to identify possible:

    • Drug interactions
    • Contraindications for use
    • Expensive duplication
  • We provide consulting & medication reviews by specially trained pharmacists, geared toward reducing costs and de-prescribing unnecessary meds

Unparalleled accuracy. >99.9% dispensing accuracy
maintained year over year.

Combining advanced technology, unrelenting attention to rigorous clinical standards, and Lean Six Sigma continuous quality improvement tools, our team members work together at every level to employ best practices and improve processes. As a result, defect rates continue to decline as we grow.

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We know insurance.

  • We contract with virtually all major Rx and Medicare Part D plans

  • Our experts do the heavy lifting:

    • Documentation
    • Requesting denial overrides & prior authorizations
    • Obtaining refill prescriptions from doctors
  • We help you understand your benefits, what’s covered, and which plans are best for you

We care about your bottom line.

  • We work hard to get your meds covered

  • We may not be as cheap as retail or mail-order because of all the services we provide, but our prices are competitive

  • We accept returns & provide credit when possible

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We make it easier for you.

  • We issue a statement monthly

  • Pay by check or credit card

  • If you have questions or concerns, just call us


We’re open 24/7/365, nationally
accredited, and are experts in this type of care. This facility contracted with Forum to provide services specific to the needs of this healthcare setting.

This is serious stuff. Our dispensing and consulting staff work closely with facility nurses to ensure meds are delivered and utilized
to ensure the best health outcomes, while minimizing any costs to you. We also supply extensive administrative, record-keeping, and quality-control services to ensure that residents receive the best possible care.

You’re not required to use Forum, but any pharmacy you choose must supply medications and clinical consulting services, including IVs and infusion devices, to comply with nursing facility regulations.

Rarely, insurance requires use of a retail or mail-order pharmacy. If the same services can’t be provided, you may be charged a fee to offset these costs.

We are healthcare professionals and specialists in this field. We offer very competitive pricing, but we can’t lure customers with ultra-low-cost meds and then make up the difference on milk or makeup. We provide sophisticated services that retail and mail-order pharmacies can’t.

Unlike other types of pharmacies, we can accept returns and will credit what we can. Keep in mind, though, that some packaging isn’t eligible—and most insurance plans don’t allow credits for partially used prescriptions.