Simultaneous Flu and COVID Vaccines Work Well

Flu And Covid 19 Vaccine Work Well Together
Published On: November 22nd, 2021Categories: COVID-19 VaccinesTags: ,

A new study found simultaneous administration of flu and COVID vaccines safe and effective for older adults. More than 600 adults, ages 65+, received six different COVID-19 and influenza vaccine combinations between April and June 2021. No safety concerns emerged during the trial, and the only side effects reported were those typical of vaccination.

There were, however, some limitations to the study’s scope. For example, flu shots were paired with second COVID doses and not first doses or boosters. As well, live, attenuated, or high-dose influenza vaccines were not included in the trial.

Nonetheless, the authors concluded, “concomitant vaccination with both COVID-19 and influenza vaccines over the next immunization season should reduce the burden on healthcare services for vaccine delivery, allowing for timely vaccine administration and protection from COVID-19 and influenza for those in need.”

Participants received the second dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca COVID vaccines or a placebo, with an age-appropriate flu vaccine. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine plus adjuvanted, trivalent FluAd was one of four combinations that spurred robust antibody responses.

Although the trial was conducted in the United Kingdom, participants reflected the population most likely to receive both flu and COVID vaccines so that results are applicable to other areas.

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