To achieve optimal outcomes

in all aspects of quality care – clinical, operational, regulative, and financial – means having a strategic partner that is solution driven 24/7/365. Forum has you covered, having provided value-added medication management services to the long-term and senior care industry for more than 50 years.

Reliable and personalized solutions

are supported by an unprecedented level of technology, accuracy, and service. Operational demands of managing medications are relieved with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals assigned to each community.

Customized Solutions

Expect comprehensive, expert capabilities and services, but with the flexibility to customize solutions to match specific needs because personal attention makes all the difference in healthcare. And when necessary, Forum is right-sized to make rapid adjustments to ensure the highest level of resident care.

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Expert Consulting Pharmacists

Serving as an extension of each community’s healthcare team, experienced consultant pharmacists, nurses, and licensed pharmacy technicians work together to help improve clinical outcomes and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Medication Regimen Reviews

A key challenge is dispensing the right medicine, at the right time, and the right dose. Using inappropriate drugs results in adverse drug reactions, emergency room visits, hospitalization, and possibly death. Proper management of medication therapy with thorough Medication Regiment Reviews (MRR) significantly helps avoid these outcomes and enhances the quality of life for residents.

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Dedicated Concierge

To ensure that needs are met with the highest level of service, a dedicated concierge for each community takes ownership of concerns and works with pharmacy staff to achieve resolutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hands on and highly skilled, Concierge Service™ ensures the highest service standards are maintained at all times. One call does it all with an expertly trained concierge who is just a call—or email—away.

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Transitioning to a new pharmacy does not need to be difficult and take critical staff away from patient care. Having successfully onboarded over 60 LTC communities over the last 10 years, Forum’s interdisciplinary team utilizes an effective SmoothStart™ implementation process.
A seamless transition is ensured by identifying all of the specific and unique needs that are then woven into a carefully detailed process. With 24/7 availability, nurses and facility staff are training and receive the necessary education to fully implement new services. Whether centers are transitioned one by one or in waves, pharmacy services continue with minimal disruptions to operations.

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Survey Compliance and Support

Face state and federal regulators with confidence backed by Consultant Pharmacists and nurses who provide unmatched support for surveys. In addition to special attention during the open survey window, Forum is a supportive onsite presence during the entire process. One-on-one training, skills assessments, and group educational programs conducted year-round ensure staff readiness.

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On-Site Infusion Services

Prevent hospital readmissions with accredited infusion and IV nursing services, including IV drug mixture preparation and therapy monitoring. All sterile compounds are prepared onsite in a state-of- the-art Class 10, positive-pressure clean room with HEPA-filtered air, providing a surgical-grade sterile environment that exceeds government standards ten-fold. The room, as well as the laminar and vertical flow hoods used for IV preparation, is re-certified every six months to ensure that they are within standards, creating the cleanest and most aseptic environment possible.

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Care Transitions Services that Work

Improve outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions by preventing breakdowns in pharmaceutical care and compliance during patient hand-offs between healthcare settings. Forum’s customized MedTransitions™ program addresses the entire transition of care surrounding post-hospital rehabilitation stays including:

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Prescription Insurance Plan Services

Reduce administrative time associated with helping residents manage prescription insurance programs with Forum specialist available seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Forum participates in Federal and State prescription insurance programs, including Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin State Medicaid programs, as well as all area Medicare Part D prescription drug plans (PDPs) and most third-party prescription plans.
While pricing for residents with third-party insurance is determined by the plan provider, Forum’s billing specialists ensure that the optimum covered drug is utilized for each resident. When a non-covered/non-formulary order is identified, pharmacy notifies nursing staff and provides any alternative formulary options, if available.

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Resident & Family Education

Effective management of medications directly correlates to education and understanding the drug regimen. A comprehensive range of educational options offered to residents, families, and community members include Family Nights, seminars, brown-bag lunch programs as well as printed materials.

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