Medication Education Key Pain Point in Transition From SNF to Home

A new survey report from United Hospital Fund suggests that skilled nursing facilities are managing several key components of discharge planning effectively. At the same time, there are some areas that need work. 

According to the findings, over 80% of patients reported that they received and understood discharge instructions.  Nearly three-quarters indicated that they were able to obtain the services they needed post-discharge. And more than 75% reported that home care services were delivered on time. 

There were some areas where patients and families had questions, concerns, and unfilled needs. For instance, at least two-thirds reported needing more help understanding medications and assistance with side effects; and almost half also said they needed more help understanding signs and symptoms of their conditions post-discharge. 

Patients and caregivers also said that there were gaps in follow-up. For example, more than 40% said they didn’t receive a follow-up call from the SNF after they were discharged and returned home.

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