LTC Communities Save Nursing Hours With Medication Packaging Switch

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Multi-med strip packaging saves nursing hours, according to a new case study released by Forum Extended Care Services. Three assisted living communities changed from cycles utilizing calendar blister card packaging to multi-med strip packaging, and the results astonished Forum staff and ALF staff alike.

Working with facility management and nursing, Forum converted their medication distribution system to multi-med strip packaging to increase efficiency. Medications are co-mingled and organized in give-time order, significantly reducing the number of packages to be opened (and scanned) per med pass.

In a study conducted before, during, and after initiation of the new system, communities realized a 12% reduction in administration time in as little as 5 weeks and up to a 32% reduction by 12 weeks after packaging switchover.

In one community, 673 nursing hours were saved per month after 12 weeks.

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