Two Insulin Products Could Be in Short Supply, Eli Lilly Warns

Eli Lilly has announced a temporary shortage of two of its insulin products. 

According to the drugmaker, the 10 mL vials of Humalog® and Insulin Lispro Injection are or will be temporarily out of stock at wholesalers and some pharmacies through the beginning of April.

The possible shortage of these two insulin products means residents with diabetes may need to switch “to the same insulin in a prefilled pen or other insulin treatment options,” Lilly said in a statement.

According to a spokesperson, the shortage is being caused by “the dynamic nature of insulin supply and demand, coupled with a brief delay in manufacturing.” She assured that Eli Lilly is moving with urgency to address the problem, acknowledging that any shortage can cause a disruption in people’s treatment regimens. Pharmacy partners can help facilities identify residents at risk, and appropriate next steps.

To read the full statement from Eli Lilly & Co, click here.