Yale Offers Free Infection Prevention Tool Kit

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Published On: November 30th, 2021Categories: Education & Resources, NewsTags: , , ,

A new free online tool kit, “Infection Prevention Compendium for Long-Term Care Facilities,” provides staff information to prevent infections and increase safety in their facilities. Developed by the Yale School of Nursing, the kit offers resources to educate team members and promote significant infection prevention and control principles.

Acting Director of the New York Academy of Medicine’s (NYAM) Center for Healthy Aging, Elana Kieffer, explained, “The impact [of the compendium] is to provide the tools and resources in an easy-to-understand and easily accessible format that can make these staff’s lives a little bit easier.”

The kit addresses information in four categories:

  • Infection prevention tools and resources for care providers, administrators and managers, and support staff
  • United States and international infection control resources
  • Summaries of NYAM reports
  • Individualized teaching tools, including PowerPoints for administrators, family members, nurses, residents, and specialized providers

Evidence-based information is vital for infection prevention and ensuring the best possible outcomes when infections and outbreaks occur. The authors say that this resource will be a time-saver for staff and make them feel less alone and more confident as they continue to manage the pandemic.

The tool kit was created in collaboration with the New York Academy of Medicine, Saraya Co. Ltd., and Best Sanitizers Inc.

Click here to access the tool kit and read more.