Forum Launches Extensive Website Education & Resources Center

Forum Resource Center
Published On: November 2nd, 2021Categories: NewsTags: , , ,

In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Forum Extended Care Services recognized that its role as a long-term care pharmacy provider took on a new dimension of service – that of an informational and educational resource.

While customers were seeking credible facts about managing the pandemic, Forum created a COVID-19 Resource Center on its website with timely and unbiased information. Restrictions for in-person conferences and meetings created a challenge in securing required continuing education credits and Forum responded by creating monthly live webinars with free credits. All in all, Forum produced nearly 150 pieces of COVID-19 informational and educational materials.

Now as utilization of the website has reached an all-time high, Forum further refined its Education & Resources Center with more comprehensive information spanning other topics that are relevant and important to the long-term and senior care industry. In addition, the monthly webinars with free education credits are accessible through the center for the convenience of the participant.

“The pandemic certainly challenged our customers in unprecedented ways and as a result, redefined how we serve and bring value,” said Pamela Bryan Kramer, Executive Vice President of Forum. “The new Education & Resources Center on our website is a direct response to meeting these needs and providing easy access to information.”

To view the center, click on the EDUCATION & RESOURCES button on the company’s website.