Forum Earns Top Customer Satisfaction Scores for 2023

It was another banner year for Forum’s 19th annual customer survey, with 105 communities responding. Every year Forum Extended Care Services canvasses customers about their experiences over 31 different assessments of operations, customer service, and consulting/on-site offerings. Forum’s 2023 results continued the trend of receiving high marks, with 98% overall satisfaction in every category.

With high satisfaction levels (“quite satisfied” or “very satisfied”) reported by more than 80% of customers, Forum was recognized with the highest ranking — five stars — for overall consulting and on-site services by two-thirds of all respondents, commending the quality of clinical and support services.

“Forum provides quick response and great customer service. Plus, [our Pharmacy Concierge] is awesome and available whenever I  call.”
 — 2023 Survey Respondent

Other areas highlighted for exceptional service included account management, medical records, and survey assistance.

“In a time when many businesses are diminishing the role of customer service, Forum continues to shine, and it’s a testament to our team’s dedication and exceptional drive year after year. We pursue and value customer feedback as an essential tool to identify areas for improvement and ways to provide unparalleled service that makes medications easy, accurate, and reliable,” said Brian Kramer, RPh, MBA, President & CIO of Forum.

Forum strives to maintain the highest levels of service by listening to the voice of its customers. The comprehensive annual survey is a critical part of Forum’s operation and provides valuable insight for continuous improvement. Customer surveys and other innovative strategies such as Lean Six Sigma are integral to Forum’s mission to improve quality, reduce costs, and enhance a customer-driven culture.

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