Forum Earns Record Customer Satisfaction Scores in 2022

Forum Extended Care Services continued to follow its best practice of surveying customers on their experiences in operations, customer service, and consulting/on-site offerings, achieving the highest overall scores since the company started the survey in 2005.

While the industry was still adjusting to post-pandemic challenges last year, Forum achieved nearly 100% overall satisfaction rates in all categories. Forum was recognized with the highest ranking, five stars, in overall consulting and on-site services from two-thirds of all respondents, commending the quality of pharmacist and nursing consulting. Other areas that were highlighted with exceptional service included account management, medical records, survey assistance, and quality and frequency of education/training.

“Achieving our highest scores yet is a testament to our team members whose dedication and innovation continues to exceed expectations year after year. We seek and value customer feedback because we not only want an honest assessment of our work, but we are continually identifying ways to provide unparalleled services that make medications easy, accurate, and reliable,” said Brian Kramer, RPh, MBA, President & CIO of Forum.  

A total of 114 respondents, representing 36 different client companies, including chain and independent nursing facilities and residential care communities, used a 5-point ranking scale for 31 areas of pharmacy service and quality.

Forum strives to maintain the highest levels of service by listening to the voice of its customers. The comprehensive annual survey is a critical part of Forum’s operation and provides valuable insight for continuous improvement. Customer surveys and other innovative strategies such as Lean Six Sigma are integral to Forum’s mission to improve quality, reduce costs, manage teams, and enhance a customer-driven culture.

Click here to download highlights from the customer satisfaction survey.