Temporary Delivery Procedures to Consider

Forum Covid Medicationdeliver

As you take steps to protect the health and safety of your residents and staff by restricting access to your buildings, it’s wise to remain abreast of your key partners’ interim policies and procedures to make sure things continue to run as smoothly as possible. Make sure your protocols are all in alignment to avoid disconnects or interruptions of service. 

Among the key processes to keep aligned are those involving pharmacy deliveries. Here is an example of a delivery protocol that Forum couriers implemented to reduce the risk of exposure to patients, partners, and staff—until the COVID-19 transmission risk has been deemed resolved. Non-customers are welcome to adopt/adapt the procedures below to fit your organization’s needs as well.

Temporary changes include the following:

  1. Single point of delivery for each facility/community:
    • Courier should call the location’s main number before arrival.
    • Please assign a “receiving nurse” to meet the courier at your building’s designated receiving area (usually the front entrance / reception area).
  2. When possible, a single tote will be delivered to each building:
    • Items will be separated and bagged per nursing station/unit.
  3. Receiving deliveries:
    • Ahead of arrival, give any items for pharmacy to the receiving nurse (returns, used IV pumps in red bags, convenience boxes, etc).
    • Courier is not allowed to enter any patient areas.
    • Courier will empty delivery tote(s), give bags to receiving nurse, and place returns in tote to take to pharmacy.
  4. Contingency boxes or supplies:
    • Receiving nurse should process new items & give old ones to the Courier for tote at time of delivery.
    • Courier is required to take back the same number items in exchange.
  5. Proof of delivery:
    • Couriers will not request signature on scanners.
    • To minimize contamination risk for handheld devices, courier will input the receiving nurse’s name and “COVID” to indicate proof of delivery.
  6. Facilities with suspected or confirmed COVID cases:
    • Please notify pharmacy if you have confirmed or suspected case(s) of COVID-19 onsite.
    • Receiving nurse should meet the courier outside of the building, for an exterior delivery.

These are uncertain times. We thank all workers at the front lines of this healthcare crisis for all you are doing to keep us safe. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of your pharmacy team if you have any questions or concerns.